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Blog: Sea Turtle 101: What Do Sea Turtles See?

Imagine gliding through the ocean, just below the water’s surface. Your vision, clear and sharp, allows you to peer out into the open sea at long distances. Passing through the filtered rays of sunlight, your head breaks the surface for a breath of air. Up here, you’re a bit shortsighted; your vision is foggier and less precise.

You drop back beneath the water line. Those beams of warm light are growing weaker by the minute as sunlight gives way to moonlight. The world above shifts into night.

Blog: The Perfect Day to Save a Sea Turtle

It’s going to be a perfect day in the Lowcountry. The air is bright and clear with a faint trace of the humidity to come. The sun is rising beatifically above the horizon, promising a late-afternoon scorcher. But for now, the mild morning is cool, dewy and still. So still, in fact, that you might think to yourself: It’s the perfect day to go fishing.

You grab your gear and load up the car, breaking a light sweat. (After all, the morning might be cool, but it’s still spring in the South.) Hummin

Appeal Letter: An Ode to Parents

It was in the spring that our worlds were turned upside down. The country went into a state of national crisis, with schools closing their doors and businesses urging employees to work remotely. Stay-at-home orders were instated to protect the public health.

These were uncharted waters, and parents, as the captains of your household, you were navigating this unprecedented crisis without a map or how-to guide on parenting during a pandemic. Perhaps you aren’t a parent yourself, but someone close

Blog: Reptile Brumation

With winter coming to a close, it’s a good time to talk about what animals have been doing to stay warm during the cold season! How do they do it without a warm mug of tea, fleece socks and Netflix? (We just described with scientific nomenclature the method of winter adaptation in humans.) While we all know hibernation is an adaptation technique among warm-blooded mammals, what about reptiles?

For example, let’s talk about the toothsome apex predator of the saltmarsh: the alligator! Alligators

Article: Here's How PHOOZY Got on 'Shark Tank'

From racing in NASCAR on the high banks of Daytona to scuba diving in caves, and pretty much every adrenaline-fueled adventure you can think of, co-founders Kevin Conway and Josh Inglis live the "Adventure More, Worry Less' mantra of PHOOZY.

It was only a matter of time before they swam with Sharks.

On Friday, April 2, 2021, PHOOZY was featured on ABC's award-winning hit show Shark Tank, a culmination of four years of relentless product innovation and brand creation.

So how did these entrepre

Article: Here's What Happened After They Nabbed a $500,000 Investment on 'Shark Tank'

As an entrepreneur, you dream of being on 'Shark Tank' and hooking a shark (or two.) So what happens after that dream becomes reality?

Following their successful Shark Tank episode and the subsequent flurry of congratulatory texts, phone calls and social media shoutouts, PHOOZY founders Kevin Conway and Josh Inglis were ready to stop for a moment and take it all in. After all, they invested three years in the entire Shark Tank process, from submitting applications and videos to conducting inter

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Our World Without: Thank You to Donors

The South Carolina Aquarium faced great financial hardship in 2020 due to COVID-19 and was in danger of losing its two most popular initiatives: The Sea Turtle Care Center™ and education programming.

This piece was the third and final video in a content storytelling series for the South Carolina Aquarium's 2020 "Our World Without" Rescue Campaign and inspired $2.3M in donations in under four months.

*Script, footage capture, voiceover, and video editing by Danielle Raub.*

The Journey Home: Iggy the Loggerhead

In February 2020, the Sea Turtle Care Center™ team traveled across state lines to release three sea turtles in the warm waters of Florida. One of those turtles was Iggy, a loggerhead who was with us for nearly a year and in that time, became a favorite of guests and staff alike. Watch Iggy's journey from rescue to rehabilitation to release.

To learn more about the Sea Turtle Care Center, visit scaquarium.org/stcc

Earned Media

Aquarium Shares Hilarious String of Drunk Texts From Recent Visitor

There are worse people than an aquarium to contact when drunk.

On Monday, the South Carolina Aquarium tweeted screenshots of a hilarious and educational text exchange that occurred after one recent visitor drunkenly texted the aquarium's "Text an Educator" number.

"The 'Text an Educator' number is available to any general admission guest or South Carolina Aquarium member who visits," Brent Duncan, Senior Manager of Advertising and Community Engagement for the aquarium told Newsweek. "We typica

Amazing Footage Reveals Just How Terrifying Octopuses Can Be

If you needed any more proof as to how terrifying octopuses can be, then this footage should just about do it for you.

I was once on holiday in Mallorca, swimming from a boat to the shore to pick up an ice cream, when my friend warned me not to look down. Of course, I immediately looked straight down. And what did I see swarming underneath me? A whole consortium of octopuses and their gangly tentacles, reaching out of the depths, slithering up towards me.

Now, footage has emerged proving I was

A State-of-the-Art Sea Turtle Hospital Welcomes Patients and Visitors in South Carolina

The South Carolina Aquarium marked an important milestone on May 27, 2017 when it opened the doors to its new Zucker Family Sea Turtle Recovery facility. Located alongside the banks of the Charleston Harbor and housed within the aquarium, the recovery center is a state-of-the-art facility that will serve both as a hospital for sick or injured sea turtles and an educational facility offering the public a glimpse into the rescue, rehabilitation and release of these aquatic reptiles.

Since opening

What sick sea turtles tell us about our environment and climate change

CHARLESTON, S.C. - The South Carolina Aquarium offers more than a window to life under the sea, it also serves as a triage for injured and endangered sea turtles.

Beneath the exhibits lies a protected world of whirling pools, humming pumps and a myriad of machines. Senior biologist Cait Crosby makes the rounds, checking in on her beak-nosed, flippered, and sometimes splashing patients.

“I personally spent several days worrying about this animal,” says Crosby as she peers into the tank of a Kem

SC Aquarium and Aflac to give pediatric hospital patients a virtual experience

CHARLESTON — Thanks to a new partnership with Aflac, patients at children’s hospitals across the state will be able to sign up for self-guided virtual tours of the South Carolina Aquarium, with the help of roving robot technology.

Controlled directly from the patient’s in-room tablet, the robot will allow the patient to create their own path through the exhibits and enjoy an immersive experience from afar.

This program, piloted at MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital, is expanding to work wi

Meet the women who lead at the South Carolina Aquarium

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Data from the U.S. Census show women are making gains in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) careers but they are still under-represented across myriad industries.

At the South Carolina Aquarium, however, women are not only riding a wave of success, they are steering the ship. These brilliant women scientists are leading the way to connect people with water, wildlife, and wild places at the South Carolina Aquarium.

The aquarium employs 144 people, of tha

This Guy's Drunk Texts to an Aquarium Are Ridiculously Wholesome

Every one of us has hit that point after three or four drinks when it seems like a super idea to pick up our phones and get in touch with… somebody. That’s when we start regrettably swiping our way through dating apps, when we text ‘wyd’ to the first ex in our contacts, and when we start leaving heart-eye emojis on total strangers’ TikToks.

But even those of us who have been bladdered enough to leave actual voicemails for our most recent exes probably haven’t done what one guy did in Charleston

How to Save a Loggerhead

They had flippers with chunks missing in the shape of shark bites. They had leeches marauding the wounds in their scales. Their shells had been hit by boat propellers, carving howling red divots into the tops of their backs. They had yellow-gray eyelids that opened slowly, and black eyes in the folds underneath, eyes that had always known the ocean—the depths of it, the miles of it—and reflected under hospital lighting the kind of ancient wisdom of whatever it was they had seen. They sighed, tur

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